Commercial New Builds

The Commercial New Build process

Throughout our careers since 2002, we have created numerous commercial new builds such as; Cleanrooms, retail units. ambulance stations. Stadiums, offices and  new warehouses in UK and Ireland.

We can obtain commercial new build planning permissions for you today, utilising our in-house planning expertise and our project knowledge to incorporate brownfield, green belt, greenfield, infill, replacement and open countryside sites.

From Inception to Completion – The process

Whilst this stage can only be a brief resume of the various aspects to the project, it highlights the need for high-quality professional advice and assistance from the earliest stages of the project. We have a wide range of expertise and capabilities, relating to commercial developments, and can help you through each stage of the project.

Site finding

The earliest and potentially one of the most unpredictable parts of commercial projects. Finding a suitable site (be it a vacant or previously developed plot, a building for conversion or a house for renovation/ remodelling), where an appropriate commercial building can be designed (and crucially receive planning approval) is a difficult and challenging aspect. Contacting an Architect & Planner at the earliest stage in the process to create a commercial development can be very beneficial to unlock a site’s potential and minimise time and cost issues.

Developing your brief and initial concepts

Initial meetings and early discussions are critical to develop a brief which sets out your requirements, aspirations and design ideas at the outset to maximise efficiency and get your project moving. Initial sketches are developed to hone these discussions. At this stage we encourage and facilitate the use of design journals, magazines, photographs to enable us to understand your thoughts. Often it is difficult for clients to put these thoughts into words and our unique approach helps with this. We also have a wide range of material we can let you use to assist with these matters as well as pointing you in the right direction for your needs.

Planning Permission

Submitting a planning application is now a very complex process with numerous factors, including flood, ecology, planning policy, affordable housing, section 106 or other financial contributions and energy efficiency aspects that play a major part in the development of a home. Successful negotiation of this aspect can save a large amount of time and money as well as increasing the potential of the project. We are uniquely positioned to provide you with a cost-effective solution for your planning needs. Call us today to discuss your needs on  01253 366100

Detailed Design and Building Regulations

Following planning approval, developing the detailed design aspects, including large-scale details, makes a huge difference to commercial developments. The integration of the wide range of elements, rules and regulations that go into modern A-rated commercial developments, means higher standards are required, and essential to the success of commercial new build developments.

Tender and Contracts

Finding suitable contractors for your needs is all part of our service to you and contract administration is available to ensure you're entering into successful agreements with your workforce - vital to ensuring a high-quality finished project which is completed on time and on budget. We work with a range of professional builders who have created a large number of homes from smaller homes to substantially larger family homes with the latest Interiors, features and fashions and can advise you on the most appropriate contact for you and your builder to use.

Construction of commercial development

The realisation of the project. It is especially important to retain professional input and monitoring during the construction stages of a commercial development to ensure satisfactory construction and the integration of all of the various aspects of the project. We can also ensure that any queries that are raised during the construction process are dealt with promptly and efficiently to avoid any potential delays or additional costs.

Fit out/ Interior Design

Depending upon our client’s requirements, we can assist with a wide range of services in relation to the 'look' of your finished home, including assistance with a wide range of internal finishings, furniture and ideas. These services can include the design and development of bespoke pieces of furniture or products.


We have projects and examples of commercial new build developments we can share with you.