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Planning Application drawing packages for your  house extension, barn, loft, garage and basement conversion projects. We work with you to develop your vision into a complete design package, we produce all the drawings you require and take care of the planning application on your behalf.
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Building Control drawing and specification package prepared for house extension, loft conversion and garage conversion projects. We also prepare and submit your application to your local authority, and act as your agent for the duration of the project.
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You may be a landlord or tenant wanting to see what options are available and how feasible refurbishing or extending your property is. 

You may be a real estate agent or property developer wanting to use a feasibility study to help with an existing/new client property to assist with the sale and provide that extra competitive edge that your competitors lack.  


Or you might own your own office, barn or residential accommodation and looking for a change of layout or wanting to extend.  


Well, look no further - Sphion Ltd can assist you through the process. 


Feasibility studies are preliminary studies undertaken in the very early stage of a project. They tend to be carried out when a project is large or complex, or where there is some doubt or controversy regarding the proposed development. If an environmental impact assessment (EIA) is required, this may involve assessments best undertaken as part of feasibility studies.  


  • Establish whether the project is viable.

  • Help identify feasible options.

  • Assist in the development of other project documentation such as the business case, project execution plan and strategic brief.


On large or complex projects, there may be a number of different feasibility studies carried out, sometimes requiring different skills, and considering issues such as:  

  • Planning permission.

  • The likelihood that an environmental impact assessment will be required.

  • Other legal / statutory approvals.

  • Analysis of the budget relative to client requirements.

  • Assessment of the potential to re-use existing facilities or doing nothing rather than building new facilities.

  • Assessment of any site information provided by the client.

  • Site appraisals, including, availability of services, uses of adjoining land, easements and restrictive covenants, environmental impact and so on.

  • Considering different solutions to accessing potential sites.

  • Analysis of accommodation that might be included or excluded.

  • Assessment of the possible comparison of accommodation and preparing basic designs.

  • Assessing operational and maintenance issues.

  • Appraisal of servicing strategies.

  • Programme considerations.

  • Procurement options.


Various stakeholders, statutory authorities and other third parties may need to be consulted in the preparation of feasibility studies.  

Sphion's assessments will be presented in a structured way so you, the client, can decide whether or not to proceed to the next stage. Do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can help with your building needs. 

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Having a development plan for any of your assets is the best way forward. A development plan provides a structured and cost effective approach for completing building work on your building assets. This identifies how much one can do at one time and large building work schemes can be phased over a certain period of time to suit your building needs.

Sphion Ltd will arrange meetings and listen to your building needs and to discuss where you see the company or your home in the next 2-3 years and how you would like it to transform - whether that’s maximising the layout of your space, improving health and safety, enhancing your energy efficiency, meeting high demanding regulations or a combination, spaced over a number of years to help keep within your budget.

What are the advantages of having a Development Plan?

  • Having a structured approach towards your building asset.

  • Prevents having to undo or redo building work which was complete only a short period of time ago.

  • Shows direction.

  • Proven to be cost effective.

  • We take a fresh look at your building assets and provide an innovative solution. If this is the right plan for you and your building assets. Sphion can take your ideas and start making them a reality.

Take a look for inspiration and don’t forget to get in touch to see how we can tailor your own building development plan.

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Design and specification work hand in hand for a successful project. Sphion Ltd is highly experienced in providing innovative, professional design and specification advice.  

We have experience from designing new school extensions from classrooms to hall extensions, building your dream open-plan kitchen and dining room extension, warehouses and office extensions. We also have experience acting as Technical Advisors.

Sphion takes the time and listens to your building needs and helps bring them to reality. We live in a 3D virtual world so why wouldn’t you want to see your new project in 3D. Many people struggle with understanding 2D drawings and need extra assistance with visualisation.


We at Sphion are experts in AutoCAD, Revit and Sketch Up and have a number of trusted architectural technician sub-consultants who can provide architectural 3D visualisations using Revit and other forms of 3D software.


Design is our passion - we carefully articulate your clients brief and work with you hand in hand resulting in cost effective, sustainable design solutions for any building project.

We tailor a specification to suit your building needs. Specifications describe the materials and workmanship required for a development.

Specifications vary considerably depending on the stage to which the design has been developed, ranging from performance specifications (open specifications) that require further design work to be carried out, to prescriptive specifications (closed specifications) where the design is already complete.


At Sphion Ltd we provide a professional, innovative service developing design and specifications, increasing in level of detail as the design progresses. This way the specification and design can be sent out to tender, to a number of contractors making it competitive and getting the best value for your money. We can also project manage your project.

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Planning on extending your home, office, warehouse or shop? 

At Sphion we can advise and provide a full design package to suit the needs of your requirements, whether you’re looking to submit a full planning application or obtaining permitted development approval through the Neighbours Consultation Scheme. 

Sphion Ltd will provide expert advice on planning requirements for your new build or extension project. We aim to provide a professional competitive service.


We offer a full planning consultation package. This includes a design client brief meeting; liaison with planning officers on your behalf, completing and issuing full design drawings including:

  • Existing and proposed plans

  • Existing and proposed elevations

  • Location plan

  • Block plan

  • Additional information such as design and access statement


Sphion Ltd has a 100% track record for approved construction
projects with numerous local authorities. 


We understand our limitations and should a sub–consultant be required such as a structural engineer or environmental assessor, or historical conservation officer, we will advise you accordingly.


Interactive Mini Guides:

See the Planning Portal mini guides to determine whether planning and building regulations apply for your build:

Get in touch to see how Sphion Ltd can take your idea and bring it to reality.


Building Regulations set out the acceptable standards for functionality and health and safety in and around buildings by imposing certain functional requirements for the design, construction and alteration of buildings.


The regulations also impose certain standards to promote the energy efficiency of buildings and the needs of disabled users.


Sphion can submit your Building Regulations application. This includes technical detailed drawings including cross section of any new proposed works.

Building Regulations and Planning Consent are not to be confused. These are different application processes, under different legislation and regulated by separate Local Authority departments.


All alterations, extensions and new building work needs to comply with Building Regulations. The building regulations apply to many different projects from large to small. With regard to households for example this could include extensions, loft conversions, knocking through between rooms, moving or creating a new toilet or bathroom, electrical work, window replacement and converting a garage to name but a few typical residential household projects.


Sphion Ltd has an excellent technical background and understanding of how elements are constructed from hands on experience. We are technically minded and can assist with any building regulation requirement.

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Glass Buildings


Sphion can assist in refurbishment projects within the commercial, residential, industrial and retail sectors. 


We think outside the box when it comes to refurbishments whether this is for a new bar/restaurant, home renovation, office or warehouse improvements, or a new roofing project.

We tailor your project to suit the needs of your requirements. Upon appointment we will arrange a site visit to obtain a detailed client's brief. We will advise whether planning or building regulation approval will be required and act accordingly and submit applications on your behalf.

A full measured survey will be required to obtain an accurate existing plan and develop a proposed plan to your building needs - we can even show these proposed plans in 3D!


We can undertake pre and post contract management duties of the project in line with the Construction Design Management Regulations 2015 (CDM).


Sphion Ltd can act as Principal Designer to mitigate any potential risk prior to any construction works.

To maintain value for money and to stay in line with the client budget, it is recommended that the project is sent out to tender using a procurement method to suit your needs: this can include a full detailed design with a detailed specification, including a schedule of works, itemising every element, making this competitive, or listing a full set of client requirements where contractors are competing for the works and giving you cost certainty throughout the duration of the project.

Scope of Services

Sphion's appointment would provide the following professional discipline services:

  • Client design meeting.

  • Produce design programme outlining each design stage and show and anticipated construction start date.

  • Produce detailed Schedule of Works for tender.

  • Produce Preliminary document for tender.

  • Produce Preambles document for tender (workmanship standards and quality control).

  • Compile all drawings from sub consultants, making changes to construction drawings (Sphion's proposed plan) correlating to schedule of works.

  • Send detailed specification out to tender to 4-5 main contractors and meet with contractors on site to run through works.

  • Tender analysis & report


Sphion Ltd  can undertake on site contract administration including issuing of JCT contracts.


Scope of Contract Administration Services

Sphion Ltd will appoint a Building Surveyor including Lead Consultant, Design and Project Management Services.

The Building Surveyor appointment would be provided in accordance with RICS Conditions of Engagement for building surveying services, building works stages E to H.

Working alongside a Project Building Surveyor and Lead Consultant we would be responsible for the co-ordination and management of the Design Team, and thereby the appointment extends to include the provision of specific Project Management Services.


This will include but will not be limited to the following duties:

  • Appoint an asbestos refurbishment and demolition survey, including site visit.

  • Production of tender documents including a JCT contract.

  • Attending pre start and progress meetings.

  • Contract administration duties for the contract period including issuing instructions, payment certificates and minutes.

  • Quality monitoring of the works – one site inspection per week during the course of an anticipated 10-week construction programme.

  • Compile information for CDM 2015 Health and Safety file ready for contractor to issue on completion.

  • Sign off inspections.

  • Agreeing of final account.

  • Defects liability period inspections.


We offer the full design package outsourcing specialist services from an established, trusted team to deliver projects on time, to budget and of a superior quality. The management team is experienced and well versed in managing every aspect of construction, from basement excavations, energy efficiency improvements to your building fabric, refurbishing your office to new re-roofing works.

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Thinking about moving accommodation? Have you thought about looking at the existing space in detail before you think about an expensive move? Or have you just purchased a new premises and want to maximise your space?

Space planning is a cost effective approach to see how your existing assets can work for any of your building needs. Carter’s Building Consultancy has an eye for detail when it comes to spaces and their potential parameters.

Before we examine the overall form, appearance, size and what we can actually fit in the space, such as physical ability of the building to accommodate overall spatial and volumetric requirements of the proposed new use. We suggest to analyse the structure and construction of the property first of all, so that the ability of structural layout to permit spatial requirements/ relationships of use to be met getting a feel of the property and understating its limits and constraints.

With this in mind we can look at the extent to which structural form/layout can be altered/adapted to suit the new needs. By doing this it will help understand the building's ability of structural systems to allow new elements to be introduced such as partitions, services and staircases. Furthermore, by doing this it will highlight the extent to which functional requirements of the new use may be compromised by the constraints of the structural arrangement.

We provide a detailed existing plan showing these characteristics, so everybody understands the building as we do. From this we get a good understanding of the building and able to provide a solution for your spacing building needs. We have the ability to show 2D plans and 3D architectural illustrations of the internal layouts giving a clear and professional service. The plans will be in line with current design guidance and building regulations.

Space planning can improve office layouts arranging so that staff can work together in departmental and team groupings, providing the best opportunity for efficient work flow, communication and supervision.

Space planning is one of the key measures of workplace performance. Apart from the financial savings, there’s the legal requirements, accommodation standards, staff welfare, telecoms to take into consideration.


Sphion Ltd commits to understanding latest legislation and knows when you reach out for assistance. Space planning promotes flexibility and growth – a well-designed space will be able to react to your changing business, quickly, effectively and cost effectively.

Get in touch with Sphion Ltd today to see how we can adapt and maximise your spaces.